The MSU Teacher Librarian Day Presents…

Graphic Writing with Digital Archives

Welcome and thanks for joining today’s talk/workshop! I have briefly described a few of the activities we did today and included a downloadable pdf. Please reference this page after today’s talk as it doesn’t explain the activities in detail.

If you’d like to share any of your images via social media, please do so using the hashtag #graphicwriting

Materials Needed:

  • One Favorite Pen
  • A few sheets of blank paper
    • One sheet for our warm-up portrait activity
    • Two sheets for our X-page activity
    • One sheet for our draw what you see exercise
  • Three minutes of your favorite drawing song

Let’s gets started with our X-page activity:

Draw an X across an entire sheet of paper.

Answer the following questions anywhere on that X-page. Use an image from the LOC archive. Follow the same steps from the workshop.

Here are the questions as a downloadable pdf:

Here are additional resources to help you introduce making comics in your classroom and library:

You can also go to The Believer Magazine Comics Workshop series. I hosted a Friday Night workshop called Sister Images: